The Pro Football Hall of Fame, and NOT the National Football League, determines how teams are displayed in its shrine?
The Baltimore Colts Hall of Famers like Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry, John Mackey, Art Donovan and Lenny Moore (among others) are presented in Pro Football's holiest of places with Indianapolis Colts?
The Baltimore Colts’ heritage is forced upon Indianapolis, a community that now has its own football heritage?
When Johnny Unitas passed away, the NFL allowed only the Baltimore Ravens to honor his passing by wearing patches on helmets and jerseys? That privilege was not offered to the Indianapolis Colts. Isn’t that a clear indication of the league’s position on this issue?

The Baltimore Colts will never play another NFL game but at least their memory should remain alive. Our primary purpose is to start and present this petition including your signature to the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the hope that it can influence the Hall to properly recognize the careers of those distinguished Baltimore Colts. They earned your respect and adulation as players and they deserve your support in preserving their legacies.

1. Bring the Colts back to Baltimore
2. Restore the Colts logos and colors
3. Affect Indianapolis' history in any way
4. Direct any lingering frustration towards Colts’ ownership (past or present)

Let's be clear... Charm City is Ravenstown. Baltimore no longer dons the blue and white. It now bleeds purple. The city has its own home team just as the Colts have a home in Indianapolis. Yet the players who left parts of their broken bodies on 33rd Street at Memorial Stadium no longer have a home. They are aging and unfortunately some have passed.

The time has come to distinguish these men in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as Baltimore Colts. Besides, does Indianapolis really want Baltimore's players in its exhibit? Would you want theirs?

Restoring the Baltimore Colts’ tradition is a simple yet grossly overdue change that will enable future generations of fans to understand the relevance of Baltimore in the NFL’s remarkable history and to enable the accomplishments of these men to echo in eternity.

It’s the right thing to do.

Together, let's stand up and be counted. Together with this petition we can make a difference.

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